Ultimate List of Monthly Dividend Stocks


Use this list of monthly dividend stocks to find the best for your portfolio and collect that cash flow!

Monthly dividend stocks are some of the most popular investments among investors. Most of these pay dividend yields three- and four-times the market average and they do it every single month! What’s not to like about that?

But the problem is finding the best monthly dividend stocks and being able to compare them side-by-side. Dividend payments change so often that it’s tough keeping up. That’s why I created a monthly dividend stock list so you can always find the dividend stocks to watch.

Use the table below to compare monthly dividend stocks. Check the current yield on your investing app but I’ll be updating the list each month.

How to Read the Monthly Dividend Table: Annual Payment is in dollars while Dividend Yield and 5-Year Total Return are in whole numbers so 0.35 is 35% and 2.61 is 261%

NameTicker SymbolStock or ETFDividend YieldAnnual PaymentFive-Year Total ReturnAnalysisAgree Realty CorporationADCStock0.04012.8210350.7263AGNC InvestmentAGNCStock0.11841.41488-0.04552How to Invest $1000 in Dividend Stocks 2022 UpdatedFirst Trust Low Duration Strategic Focus ETFLDSFETF0.02360.4458040.0021220BNY Mellon Strategic MunicipalsLEOStock0.05290.35443-0.0536723First Trust Low Duration Opportunities ETFLMBSETF0.01510.7303870.04380LTC PropertiesLTCStock0.05852.25693-0.01455Top 7 Monthly Dividend Stocks with the Highest ReturnsMain Street CapitalMAINStock0.06792.498720.3484795 Monthly Dividend Stocks that Beat the QYLDiShares MBS ETFMBBETF0.01931.8726790.0066396First Trust Flexible Municipal High Income ETFMCEFETF00-0.014312MFS Municipal Income TrustMFMStock0.04840.269588-0.024518MFS Special Value TrustMFVStock0.10120.5191560.269801MFS Government Markets Income TrustMGFStock0.08660.3056980.04308Western Asset Municipal High Income FundMHFETF0.03520.2344320.05882BlackRock MuniHoldings New York Quality FundMHNETF0.04650.516615-0.020282MFS Intermediate Income TrustMINStock0.10170.3010320.074098BlackRock MuniYield Michigan Quality FundMIYETF0.04950.662310.187222MFS Multimarket Income TrustMMTStock0.09950.463670.146427Western Asset Managed Municipals FundMMUETF0.04270.46116-0.042553Western Asset Municipal Partners FundMNPETF0.04270.537166-0.010228BlackRock MuniYield Pennsylvania Quality FundMPAETF0.05170.6602090.0905209BlackRock MuniYield Quality Fund IIMQTETF0.0560.658560.090909BlackRock MuniYield Quality FundMQYETF0.05040.6622560.046178Mesa Royalty TrustMTRStock0.05591.0989941.28339BlackRock MuniAssets FundMUAETF0.04370.523526-0.012366BlackRock MuniHoldings California Quality FundMUCETF0.05330.6459960.021922BlackRock MuniHoldings New Jersey Quality FundMUJETF0.05530.7288540.13425BlackRock MuniVest FundMVFETF0.05160.387516-0.030967BlackRock MuniVest Fund IIMVTETF0.04950.59994-0.02572BlackRock MuniYield FundMYDETF0.05230.598835-0.064542BlackRock MuniYield Quality Fund IIIMYIETF0.05150.6082150.014604BlackRock MuniYield New York Quality FundMYNETF0.04370.4706490.012218Nuveen Arizona Quality Municipal Income FundNAZETF0.0460.621920.11367Nuveen California Municipal Value FundNCAETF0.03190.2874190.045243Nuveen Select Maturities Municipal FundNIMETF0.02680.2481680.061926Nuveen Municipal Income FundNMIETF0.03210.302061-0.037832Nuveen Massachusetts Quality Municipal Income FundNMTETF0.04310.505994-0.019214Nuveen New York Municipal Value FundNNYETF0.03190.274978-0.00346Nuveen Missouri Quality Municipal Income FundNOMETF0.03980.49352-0.047619Nuveen Virginia Quality Municipal Income FundNPVETF0.04530.5712330.15370Nuveen Pennsylvania Quality Municipal Income FundNQPETF0.0460.56120.128584Nuveen Ohio Quality Municipal Income FundNUOETF0.03990.5103210.027309Nuveen Municipal Value FundNUVETF0.03730.3330890.049353Nuveen California Select Tax-Free Income PortfolioNXCStock0.0320.469120.122511Nuveen New York Select Tax-Free Income PortfolioNXNStock0.03350.395635-0.01088Nuveen Select Tax-Free Income PortfolioNXPStock0.03850.532070.125407Realty Income CorporationOStock0.04422.9154320.47693How to Live off Your Dividends as Fast as PossibleInvesco Municipal Income Opportunities TrustOIAStock0.00090.0064080.15210Orchid Island CapitalORCStock0.17140.527912-0.305054Oxford Lane CapitalOXLCStock0.13640.893420.408602Oxford Square CapitalOXSQStock0.10140.4187820.195196Western Asset Investment Grade Income FundPAIETF0.04520.5537-0.018429Pembina PipelinePBAStock0.04751.91710.565554Permian Basin Royalty TrustPBTStock0.01440.3072962.2333335 Royalty Trusts to Buy for Massive Cash FlowHigh Income Securities FundPCFETF0.11290.8704590.268092PCM FundPCMETF0.09430.9514870.363513John Hancock Premium Dividend FundPDTETF0.07521.1513120.356067Invesco High Yield Equity Dividend Achievers ETFPEYETF0.03620.7663540.51974iShares Preferred and Income Securities ETFPFFETF0.04741.578420.0943148How to Invest $1000 in Dividend Stocks

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