: Trump endorses ‘Eric’ in Missouri GOP Senate primary — but which one?


If your name is Eric, Donald Trump may have just endorsed you in the Republican U.S. Senate primary in Missouri.

In a bizarrely vague statement late Monday, Trump announced that “ERIC has my Complete and Total Endorsement!” Only thing is, he didn’t say which Eric, and there are three Erics running for that seat — former Gov. Eric Greitens and state Attorney General Eric Schmitt are the main contenders, and Eric McElroy is also listed on the ballot.

The statement came a day before Missouri voters head to the polls for the primary.

“I trust the Great People of Missouri, on this one, to make up their own minds,” Trump said in the statement.

Both Greitens and Schmitt immediately accepted the pseudo-endorsement.

“Honored to have the support of President Trump,” Greitens tweeted, while Schmitt tweeted: “I’m grateful for President Trump’s endorsement.”

A growing number of Republicans oppose Greitens’ candidacy, fearing he would be a weaker candidate against a Democrat. Greitens is a disgraced former governor who was forced to resign from office in 2018 after only a year and a half in office after allegations of blackmail and improper donations. Earlier this year, his ex-wife testified he had assaulted her and their 3-year-old son. Greitens denies the allegations.

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