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From MarketWatch Retirement: 

Social Security recipients are missing out on $182,000 by claiming too early, study finds. The study says that more than 90% of American workers should wait until the age of 70 to collect. Yet only 10% do so.

Bitcoin in your 401(k)? Senators intensify pressure on Fidelity to reconsider crypto in retirement plans. Democratic Sens. Dick Durbin, Elizabeth Warren and Tina Smith intensified the pressure on Fidelity Investments to reconsider its decision to allow employers to offer bitcoin exposure to 401(k) plan participants in the wake of crypto exchange FTX filing for bankruptcy.

7 ways to make charitable giving more merry in a down market. Charitable giving may seem less financially appealing right now, but there are some ways to make the giving work for both you and the charity.

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Research and Insight:

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A third of people to change retirement plans due to cost of living, study finds (People Management)

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Retirement Weekly: My dad makes charitable donations from his IRA. Can I do the same with my 401(k)?

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