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The long-term-care system is broken. How can we fix it? Dramatically improving the pay and status of direct care workers may be a good place to start.

Move over, Florida — Pennsylvania dominates ‘best places to retire’ rankings. According to U.S. News & World Report, the 2022–23 ranking of best places to retire in the United States, Pennsylvania earned three of the top five spots, surpassing Florida in overall top 10 appearances. 

Want to slow, delay or reverse dementia? Try this classic game. Those who had done the crosswords were 50% more likely to show a significant improvement in cognitive scores.

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Research and Insight:

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For Black women, health plays an outsize role in retirement planning (Fortune)

Inflation Is Affecting Participant’s Health Care Spend And Retirement Deferrals (PlanSponsor)

Millennials May Be Headed Towards a Rocky Retirement, Research Shows (PlanAdviser)

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