Personal Finance Daily: Here are 7 tips to maximize your charitable donations on Giving Tuesday and can moving to a different neighborhood improve your chances in life?


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Can moving to a different neighborhood improve your chances in life?

Moving to a place with more opportunities might make you healthier, but it would probably make your kids healthier and wealthier. Read More

I’m a successful single mother who reconnected with my college sweetheart. His teenage kids have no college savings. Will I end up supporting him?

‘My daughter has a fully funded 529 plan set up by my parents. When we dated in college, money was always kind of a thing with him’ Read More

U.S. housing market becoming more buyer-friendly as home prices cool, negotiations improve

Prices are likely to keep falling next year, economists say. Read More

The 10 most affordable new 3-row SUVs for 2023

Prices for this type of SUV are now mostly in the mid-to-upper $30,000 range, but there are still a couple of models for less than $30K Read More

5 essential numbers to know about CDs

Comparing CDs isn’t entirely about rates. To have a solid understanding of any CD you commit to, here are the critical numbers to look at before you buy. Read More

How two teachers slayed a $53,000 debt monster in 3 years

This story of paying off $53,046 of debt on two teachers’ salaries is one of pain, perseverance and cooperation. But it’s also very much about love. Read More

It’s Giving Tuesday. Here are 7 tips to maximize your charitable donations — including taking a lesson from MacKenzie Scott

This year’s Giving Tuesday asks people to donate to charity amid high inflation and a looming recession.  Read More

Giving Tuesday has prompted $10 billion in donations since its inception a decade ago

The charity-focused day has also encouraged people to give in other ways, from donating blood to helping out a neighbor Read More

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