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How Powell pivoted away from the Fed’s dovish message and tanked the market

Fed chair wants everyone to know that he’s going to fight inflation until it cries uncle. Read More

Maintain a bearish stance after the Federal Reserve cast a pall over the stock market

Also, a new volatility trade and another recommendation on Kimberly-Clark. Read More

These top investment newsletters beat the stock market using this one impressive strategy

‘Slow and steady’ can be boring, but it can also win the race for investment success. Read More

Junk bonds may be a good play for returns that are competitive with stocks but less volatile

High-yield bonds have held up better than investment-grade bonds and the S&P 500 this year. Read More

Hedge fund giant Elliott warns looming hyperinflation could lead to ‘global societal collapse’

Hedge fund giant Elliott Management has warned that markets have not fallen enough yet and the world is hurling towards the worst financial crisis since the Second World War Read More

Panic is not an investment strategy. How financial advisers can help you think through the unthinkable.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Read More

The stock market can make you a lot of money, but to be Forbes 400 rich you’ll need to do this first

Most of the richest Americans are self-made, relying on stocks for longer-term wealth preservation. Read More

U.S. Treasury sweetens the pot on I-bonds by adding a fixed rate

The new annualized rate will be 6.89%, down from 9.62%. Read More

Morningstar launches direct indexing as stock-market investors seek to personalize portfolios

Morningstar’s wealth group has launched direct indexing to help stock-market investors customize their portfolios in a tax efficient way.  Read More

20 dividend stocks that may be safest if the Federal Reserve causes a recession

Stocks with lower price volatility can serve as a safe haven for investors. Read More

What will be the best-performing stocks in January can be bought today because of these two crosscurrents in the market

Tax-loss selling and end-of-year window dressing create trading opportunities. Read More

This seasonal investing strategy is 100% accurate in the past 35 years — here are this year’s stocks to consider buying

In down years, professional investors sell losing stocks by the end of October, and other investors snap them up. Read More

Need to Know: Traders are loading up on bets against the stock market — and this time, it’s not a contrarian signal, says Citi

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