Key Words: Newt Gingrich says Republicans are ‘underestimating’ President Joe Biden


“‘Republicans must learn to quit underestimating President Joe Biden.’”

That’s the word from prominent Republican Newt Gingrich. In a commentary posted on his Gingrich 360 website, the former speaker of the House of Representatives said that while he doesn’t approve of the job that President Biden is doing and that he “deeply” opposes his policies, the conservative hostility to the Biden administration has blinded “us to just how effective Biden has been on his terms.”

Gingrich added, “We dislike Biden so much, we pettily focus on his speaking difficulties, sometimes strange behavior, clear lapses of memory, and other personal flaws.” But in the end, Gingrich said, Biden’s record speaks for itself: “The Biden team had one of the best first term off-year elections in history. They were not repudiated.”

Gingrich also compared Biden to two former presidents — Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower — noting how they were similarly underestimated.

“Both wanted people to think of them as pleasant — but not dangerous. They found being underestimated was a major asset. While people laughed at them, they were busy achieving their goals and getting their programs implemented,” Gingrich said. “Biden has achieved something similar.”

Gingrich admitted that, prior to the midterms, he saw the GOP making big gains in November. He pointed to “terrible problems with the economy, crime, and the border.”

Indeed, in a pre-election appearance on Fox News, Gingrich said that the 2022 midterms felt a lot like the 1994 midterms, when the Republicans picked up 54 House seats in what some called the “Gingrich Revolution.”

“My sense going around is that there is a tide coming,” Gingrich said on Fox News. He predicted the Republicans would recapture both the House and the Senate.

Instead, the Democrats held on to control of the Senate and lost the House by only a narrow margin.

In his Gingrich 360 commentary, the former House speaker called upon Republicans to “rethink from the ground up how we are going to Defeat Big Government Socialism — including almost inevitable second-time Democrat Presidential Nominee Biden.”

Gingrich concluded that this “is a much bigger challenge than I would have guessed before the election.”

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