Help My Career: What can I do to improve my salary? Am I being paid fairly? In a strong jobs market, here’s how to push for a pay raise.


How much are you worth?

On Friday, the economy added a surprisingly robust 261,000 new jobs in October, underpinning the strength of a labor market that the Federal Reserve worries will still stoke high inflation.

The unemployment rate rose to 3.7% from 3.5%, the government said Friday, as more people lost jobs and the size of the labor force shrank slightly. The cost of living increased 8.2% in September, while wages rose just 5.1%.

New York City now requires most employers to disclose salary ranges on job postings. Employers with four or more employees must provide the minimum and maximum wage they are willing to pay for the role.

The new law is an important first step toward fair pay, creates an opportunity for a shift in hiring practices and culture, and is critical for closing the pay gap for women and people of color, analysts say. 

“‘Lower pay follows you through your career. And that’s where the pay gap starts — in the first job.’”

— Beverly Neufeld, president of PowHer New York

Employees and job seekers should consult websites such as Glassdoor and Indeed, which will give the base pay based on experience, company and job title, Dobroski said. They can ask friends and colleagues how they fit into those ranges.

Young workers are increasingly adept at figuring out the market rate for their job based on their skills and experience, Neufeld added. “Lower pay follows you through your career, and that’s where the pay gap starts — in the first job.” 

The good news: Younger workers are most willing to know and share their pay information, a recent survey from Bankrate suggested. In fact, four in 10 workers ages 18 to 25 said they’ve done so with a coworker or another professional contact.

What does my benefits package look like?

“What we often hear from next-generation talent is, ‘If the salary is competitive, why aren’t you listing it?’” Byron Slosar, founder and CEO of HIVE Diversity, a virtual-recruitment platform, told MarketWatch.

“Financial security is the No. 1 career motivator for the majority of the 21,000 undergraduate students on HIVE,” Slosar said. Aside from the base salary, workers and job seekers should also look at the entire benefits package, experts said.

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