Crypto: Twitter begins experiments to better display NFTs in tweets


Twitter announced today that it has started testing a new way to display nonfungible-token art in tweets. The feature, first announced last week, is being developed in partnership with four NFT marketplaces — Rarible, Magic Eden, Dapper Labs and — and will also direct users to those marketplaces.

NFTs from those partner marketplaces will display in the larger tweet tile as long as the link is publicly available, a Twitter

representative confirmed to MarketWatch. The tweets will also contain metadata, including the name of the NFT and its creator.

The feature is currently being tested with — and will only be visible to — select users on the platform across iOS and the website. Users within the test group will automatically be able to see the new tweet formats in their timeline when someone posts a link.

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This change affects how links from NFT marketplaces are displayed on the Twitter timeline in an effort to create a better experience and improve interaction. Users will be directed to a marketplace to make purchases, as the platform is not supporting any blockchains with this feature, the Twitter representative confirmed.

“Any purchases of NFTs through an NFT Tweet Tile will always be hosted on the marketplace site directly, and Twitter will not be a part of the transaction itself,” the representative said.

Earlier this year, Twitter introduced NFT profile pictures, enabling collectors to use NFTs as avatars on the platform.

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